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Together with ours partners, we offer data center solutions from maintenance, networking, to the implementation of data center systems.

These systems range from raised flooring, structured cabling, generator sets, UPS, precise air-conditioning, fire suppression, security, CCTV, access control, and power-monitoring systems.

Partnering with Extreme Networks, we provide network solutions from LAN, WiFi, Network Analytics, Network Access Control and Management, Automation, Cloud solutions, to Campus and Metro Ethernet Networks.

By teaming up with Barracuda Networks, we also implement security solutions from Cloud Gen Firewall, to Data and Cloud storage solutions.

Together with Verifone, we provide electronic payment solutions from POS terminals and networks to payment systems. The solutions also include a unified platform to provide your customers a seamless payment experience with any payment method through Verifone's world-class payment application, security technology, gateways and omni-channel services.

Notable Projects

Below are some of the projects and companies we have worked with

Maynilad Waters Services Inc: Wired and Wireless Network

Maynilad Waters needed a wide area network covering their main office and all of their branches. The business required a fast, available and secured network to its employees and customers.

Extreme Networks' wireless technologies were implemented, delivering an integrated network solution to the organization.

Smart Communications: Nationwide Maintenance of Data Centers

Covered nationwide maintenance and support of Airedale technologies and other PACU solutions to 29 data center sites of Smart Communications.

A custom scripting system was also developed to meet the organization's load balancing requirement. An integration of Ericsson SASN solution, a telco-specific application for IP-based mobile services, was also implemented to the company.

Ayala Corporation: Nationwide Maintenance of Data Centers

Provided a network security solution on the wide area network of Ayala Corporation's headquarters and back-up sites.

Implemented an enterprise distribution network on the company's headquarters by upgrading their LAN and network switches.

Both projects cover the core, backup, and edge networks of Ayala Corporation.

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