The highly reliable MegaNAC 180 POS concentrator supports high-capacity dial access software and connects dial, leased analog and digital lines in 10/100 Ethernet LANs. The MegaNAC 180 chassis is a branch or regional concentrator chassis providing a full suite of uplink connections to support POS host mainframes requiring support of X.25, TCP/IP or SNA protocols. It also supports network access via CAS signaling (MFR1, MFR2 and Immediate Start) and CCS signaling for support of ISDN/PRI.

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The Optimum M2100 is an easy-to-use wireless payment device that offers highly secure, ultra-fast transactions, that allows data transmission from anywhere without the constrictions of wiring. This technology enables customers to take control of the transaction process in a number of new markets, including hospitality, transportation and other mobile merchants. The M2100 can process up to 300 transactions on a single charge, meaning merchants can accept wireless payment. Combined with its 32-bit RISC processor, both magnetic stripe and chip card readers and graphical backlit display, the M2100 is a truly unique combination of performance, security, reliability and ease of use, which is the cornerstone of the Optimum family.

The Optimum T4220 countertop terminal is the most capable IP and dial terminal in the industry today. Hypercom has combined the best-of-breed features of the Optimum family into this powerful IP device to suit any customer's needs - large or small.

The Optimum T4220 provides IP performance and security second to none. The Optimum T4220 comes standard with integrated PCI PED approved PIN entry capability, the safety of the HyperSafe®32 architecture and unrivaled IP transaction and download speeds. The Optimum T4220 also shares the same user interface as the T4200 family dial and wireless models for ease of migration and support.

The IP diagnostics application only found on Hypercom IP terminals is more than your average IP monitor, checking failure at the cable, in-store gateway, the ISP and then the processing host. It then clearly tells the user where the error occurred and then how to fix it! Don't just replace an IP terminal, fix the problem instead!

Equipped with more memory than competitor models, the Optimum T4220 accepts more applications to meet your needs now and in the future.

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BlackDiamond 8800 series switches simplify the enterprise network.

Enterprise IT managers have limited time or resources to deal with overly complex, specialized network infrastructure solutions. BlackDiamond 8800 series switches from Extreme Networks simplify the architecture. Purpose-built core, aggregation, edge and Data Center modules can meet your chassis needs across the network. Traditional three-tier architectures can be replaced with a streamlined two-tier network that reduces management overhead, operational complexity and capital expenditures.

BlackDiamond 8800 series switches deliver voice-class availability, high-density Power over Ethernet (PoE), Gigabit Ethernet, and 10 Gigabit Ethernet wherever it's needed. It serves well as a high-performance Enterprise core. The non-blocking ports interconnect thousands of servers for High Performance Cluster Computing (HPCC). A full range of Layers 2 - 4 features for IPv4 and IPv6 allow the aggregation of high-speed connections, eliminating bottlenecks between edge and core. BlackDiamond 8800 fits well at the edge of the most demanding enterprises switching Voice-over-IP (VoIP), video, wireless and data traffic.

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Samsung OfficeServ 7070

Your valuable money is being wasted on excessive investment in communication systems. Now, build the best communication infrastructure customized for your business!

Samsung OfficeServ 7070 is an IP-PBX optimized for small and medium sized businesses having less than 50 employees. It supports not only VoIP communications, but works perfectly with existing communication infrastructures. Moreover, it provides powerful performance with built-in functions that are essential for small and medium-sized businesses such as CID, Auto Attendant, and Voice Mailing Service.

Lead your business to success by building an optimized communication infrastructure with Samsung OfficeServ 7070.

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